Red brick building(s) to be demolished - Griffintown

5:47 PM

St Ann condo 4

Another big condominium complex will rise where a sprawling red brick building(s) currently housing several various businesses in Griffintown. Only the small vintage store, Ludovik boutique (facebook) on the corner of De La Montagne and Ottawa will remain intact (thank god!).  I don't know if the Hovig gallery next to the Ludovik store will survive.

I was actually there last week to take photos of the building (or buildings) as my source told me they will be eventually demolished. When I visited the place again today, big ads have been plastered around it, displaying the future condo project. One of the businesses there is a garage for mini coopers called Miniac.

This condo project is just next to the humongous Bassin du Havre project. The sales office is on Peel street. I love old red brick buildings so I'm not too keen about this.

St Ann condo 2

St Ann condo 3

St Ann condo 1

I took the photo above today and the photo below last week. The big ads weren't there last week.

St Ann condo 5

St Ann condo 7

The building(s) in question and set to be demolished is in green and named St Ann condos. As you can see there's a lot of activity in Griffintown right now. Every project (except for the one in orange, the ETS/Dow Brewery on Peel street and the Sales Office) are new constructions, either replacing old buildings and businesses or parking lots. The building for the lofts, as mentioned in the post above, will remain intact.

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