Abandoned Canada Malt Plant - Saint-Henri

10:53 PM

part of the changing face of Saint-Henri

Canada Malt Plant 1

Nothing much to say except this abandoned factory in Saint-Henri is either a blight to some or a thing of decayed beauty. I say both. I wonder when they'll ever demolish it but then again it's such part of the Montreal landscape and the entire rusty structure is so oppressively spooky/creepy than it's going to be a sad day when it's gone. It's a good reminder of the past, something most people don't want to deal with.

Canada Malt Plant 2

Canada Malt Plant 3

Canada Malt Plant 4

Canada Malt Plant 5

Canada Malt Plant 6

Canada Malt Plant 7

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  1. Lots of urban explorers have been through this building. Look it up on Google for some good imagery of the interior spaces. Apparently it has become a very treacherous place to explore over the years. Still, I agree with your comment about ugly vs. beauty. Part of me would be sad to see it gone.


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