COIN/CORNER Peel & Wellington - Griffintown

8:57 PM

Former Garda building on St-Jacques - Saint-Henri

4:24 PM

Gazette article on Sud-Ouest

4:06 PM

Old film made in Montréal circa 1967

9:10 PM

Update: Horse Palace + Ottawa construction - Griffintown

8:47 PM

Notes & Stuff

8:21 PM

Update: Vieux Munich/Medley construction site

1:22 PM

Update: Greystone on St-Jacques + article in The Gazette - Saint-Henri

1:22 PM

Le William condo project - Griffintown

7:17 PM

La Tour Windsor - Montréal

3:56 PM

NEW: Vanishing Montréal on FACEBOOK

7:41 PM

Before & After : ETS building - Griffintown

6:33 PM

Before & After : Dow Brewery Chimney - Griffintown

5:57 PM

LE SEVILLE Condo construction - Brief video

1:35 AM

Update: LE SEVILLE Condo project - Montréal

1:33 AM

A few snapshots of Montréal with new camera...

12:59 AM

Building on Peel st - Griffintown

5:28 PM

Update: Bus depot on Wellington - Griffintown

4:25 PM

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