Before & After: Place Henri-Bourassa - Ahuntsic-Cartierville

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The apartment buildings around Place Henri-Bourassa street in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, bordered by  highway 15, boulevard Henri-Bourassa and boulevard l'Acadie, were demolished: the buildings were for the most part infested with bugs and rats and were considered a health hazard. Most of them were abandoned when the idea to destroy the dilapidated area was pushed forward but a few were still being rented out and people were forced out (article). Only one building, the one highlighted in red in the above overview of the area, still stands on Place Henri-Bourassa street. I guess that one was still habitable. The good thing about this massive project is that they're not condos but rentals.

Google maps didn't enter Place henri-Bourassa street with their cameras so the screengrabs from 2009 are all from Henri-Bourassa blvd or Autoroute 15.

Places HB & Acadie 1

The entrance to Place Henri-Bourassa street: photo above was taken in August and image below is how it used to look like.

(image above: google streetview)

Places HB & Acadie 2

Places HB & Acadie 3

Places HB & Acadie 5

Places HB & Acadie 7

Places HB & Acadie 8

Places HB & Acadie 9

Places HB & Acadie 12

This is the only old apartment building still standing in Place Henri-Bourassa street. I took the photo above in August from inside Place Henri-Bourassa and below are two screengrabs of the same building from Google streetview, taken from Henri-Bourassa blvd (directly below) and from Autoroute 15 (second below).

(image above: google streetview)

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  1. Was surprised to see those building go down. The highway to the west of this old development is not the Trans- Canada, but the autoroute 15, that goes up to the Laurentians


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