Boarded-up: Greystone/store on Peel - Montréal

2:13 PM

Boarded-up: Apartment block on Tupper - Montréal

1:48 PM

Boarded-up: Greystone on Tupper - Montréal

1:35 PM

Boarded-up: Greystone mansion on St-Marc and De Maisonneuve W - Montréal

12:47 PM

Boarded-up: Greystone on Laval avenue - PMR

12:04 PM

Boarded-up : Multiple apartments on Centre and Shearer - Pointe-Saint-Charles

6:32 PM

Boarded-up : Triplex on Shearer - Pointe-Saint-Charles

6:19 PM

Boarded-up : Duplex on Moreau - HOMA

5:57 PM

Boarded-up : Triplex on Falardeau - Montréal (Le Village)

5:54 PM

Old red brick building + land gone on Marcel Pepin and Rachel E - Rosemont

2:54 PM

Business replaced by new condo project on Des Carrières - Rosemont

2:09 PM

Before and After : De La Roche restaurant/building gone - PMR

1:10 PM

Car dealership on Papineau and Cartier - Montréal (Le Village)

4:54 PM

Before and After : Victoria school on De Maisonneuve - Montréal

3:58 PM

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