The ALSTOM factory

The Alstom plant is now closed and part if it have been basically abandoned. I took these photos in the summer of 2009. there was a major fire at the plant (which was used to store recycled material) and it destroyed a big chunk of the plant. I have photos of the plant I took in the summer of 2008 when it was in relatively good condition. I'll post them soon as a comparison. But to give you an idea, the photo in the banner above is from the ALSTOM plant before the fire.

The plant was originally designed to build trains and such. It has been partially abandoned for some time now.

The following photos were taken with a digital camera


Alstom old after fire 3

Alstom old after fire 4

ALSTOM factory seen from google maps. It is HUGE. You can't imagine how big it is. The part that burnt down is indicated by the red arrow. the yellow dot is where I was when I took the pictures and the yellow arrow indicates the point-of-view