Depotium - Cote Saint Paul

The Depotium in Cote Saint Paul north of highway 15 & 20 of the Turcot Interchange will be destroyed when they do the reconstruction the Turcot interchange. The building is an eyesore and won't be missed by many but it's another business that's gone. As the 4th photo shows, the Ministere des Transports du Quebec owns the property. The front part is abandoned but the back of the huge structure still shows activity (I passed by there yesterday).

The RED ARROW on the google maps image below shows where the Depotium is situated next to the Turcot overpass. It's on Cabot street. The ORANGE ARROW shows where my grandparents' house is situated (see article below).


  1. A few years ago I would bike past the Depotium from Verdun to NDG and there was always a man watering a bizarre line-up of plants he assembled along a corner of the Depotium facing the highway...pretty much where the red arrow is pointing in your diagram. Every morning he'd be hauling water to the plants and he'd wave to me as I whizzed past on my bike. Maybe someone will miss the Depotium...

  2. That Depotium has been closed for a few years now. There are many other Depotiums so don’t worry about it being a vanishing business! :)