Fire guts beautiful stone house - St-Henri

A fire gutted this beautiful house that was converted into a business in Saint-Henri, on rue Saint-Jacques and rue Lacasse. You can see how it looked like before the fire in the last photo taken from Google Maps.

I also included a small video clip of the destroyed stone building.

Kostas & Dominion - Verdun

The restaurant and grocery store burned down a few years ago. A laundromat was also destroyed in the fire, which can be seen in the first photo on the far right. When it burned down, the restaurant was a fish & chip place and the store was called AXEP. Previously, both establishments were more famous for being the legendary Kostas pizzeria and the Dominion store. There's even a Facebook discussion about Kostas. Since the fire, it's a vacant lot. A project of condos and grocery store has been planned but nothing has been done yet with the vacant lot.

(photo credit: top two photos

Bottom photo: Google Maps)


Provigo on Verdun st in Verdun

The lease for the Provigo on Verdun street hasn't been renewed and will soon close. No date has been given or what will replace it (one can guess). The store and original store owners have a long history in Verdun (see article).


(photo credit: google maps)

Maurice Boyer Pro Shop - Verdun

Maurice Boyer Pro Shop is a long standing business in Verdun that specializes in bowling equipment. It's situated on Bannantyne street near De L'Eglise. The business was recently sold and from my sources the building will be destroyed for a condo project. They didn't officially said they will destroy it (yet) but my source is very reliable.

(photo credit: google maps)

Salon de quilles Léon Houle and Porte et Fenetre Verdun

Bowling alley on De L'Eglise in Verdun will be destroyed and a big condo project will take its place. The bowling alley has been there for over 50 years. Behind the bowling alley, on Galt street, there was a Porte et Fenetre Verdun building (different than the one near Gibbons; next post) which has already been razed to the ground. Condos will also be built there.


(photo credit: google maps)


Porte et Fenetre Verdun - Verdun

Porte et Fenetre Verdun is a business that specializes in windows/doors. It was established in Verdun and their manufacturing building was a constant presence in the neighborhood (at different addresses but always in Verdun). A few years ago, their big main building near Gibbons was destroyed and condos were built there. This photo was taken from Google Maps which still shows the main building but you can see the construction going on around it. It's ironic that there are franchises everywhere now, including Ottawa, except in Verdun. Another business out of Verdun.

(photo credit: google maps)

CKVL - Q92 (CFQR) radio station in Verdun

Famous radio station building in Verdun housed many Montreal radio stations, including CKVL, CKOI and Q92 (which used to be CFQR). The solid building was demolished a couple of years ago and it's been an empty lot since then. Why did they have to destroy it just to leave an empty lot? Weird. The radio station building was a landmark in the Verdun neighborhood.


(photo credit - top photo: Le Messager; bottom photo taken from Google Maps)


Funeral home in Verdun

Abandoned funeral home in Verdun was recently sold and will be converted into condos(who wants to live in a building that was a funeral home?).

I love the groovy honeycomb design on the facade which will undoubtedly be demolished when they build those condos. It's a unique design. I've rarely seen this kind of look anywhere and it will be gone soon. Sad.

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