Red brick building set for demolition - Griffintown

Wellington and Lachine Canal project 1

Initially this condo/loft project was supposed to retain the red brick building, as posted here back in 2011: Lofts on Square Gallery st.. But since then the project has changed and the old building will be demolished entirely for another massive condo project, as viewed in the banner in the below photo. This is not good

Wellington and Lachine Canal project 2


From Peel looking towards Wellington - Griffintown

Peel and Wellington

Le Hangar restaurant - Griffintown

Wellington/Le Hangar 1

I don't know the fate of the building where Le Hangar restaurant used to be, on the corner of Wellington and Shannon. The restaurant closed in January 2013. The restaurant owners said people had difficulty accessing the place because of the continuous construction projects going on all around them and had no choice but to close the business. Functionalab Jouviance appear to still be operating from that location. Nice red brick building.

Wellington/Le Hangar 2

Wellington/Le Hangar 3

William and Richmond condo project - Griffintown

Richmond & William 1

Nothing much to say as these photos say everything. It's on the corner of William and Richmond in Griffintown. Next to it is a big piece of land which is perfect for any new construction project (assuming the land was part of the Samcon deal). The sidewalks in that area are really bad. Posted about this last year in June: Boarded-up building.

Richmond & William 3

Richmond & William 4

Richmond & William 5