Old triplex + Horse Palace on Ottawa st - Griffintown

Ottawa street Old Triplex 2

This 19th-century triplex and the adjoining stables, called the Horse Palace, on Ottawa street in Griffintown were recently in the news because it's up for sale and its future is uncertain. The asking price for the triplex and yard/stables is $1 million, which almost seals its fate unless someone who's wealthy and loves Montreal history buys it and keeps it as it is.

As the 5th photo shows, it's been for sale since this summer when I took those photos so why it's making news now is a bit odd. Most likely because the owners are retiring to Nun's Island.  This section is the soul of Griffintown and if they demolish it they might as well demolish everything else in that district. As noted in the SCRAPPED text below "The Horse Palace has been a continuously functioning stable for 150 years."

I've been taking photos of this area for the past 6 or 7 years now and have TONS of photos of this specific house. I even took pictures at night with my 35mm camera (above and below), which are some of my favorite photos in my portfolio.

I've already reported on this and re-posting the photos with horses/ponies, which were taken in 2010.

Ottawa street Old Triplex 1

Horse Palace 1

Horse Palace 2

Horse Palace 3

Horse Palace 4

Horse Palace 5

Horse Palace 6

Horse Palace 7

Ottawa St 4

Ottawa St 5

Ottawa St 6

Ottawa St 7


Before & After on Ottawa and De La Montagne - Griffintown


Ottawa condo old 3

I've already wrote about this construction project (here) but forgot I had these old before photos. This is the business that was on the corner of Ottawa and De La Montagne. Once the project is completed I'll post an entire Before & After.

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Before - During demolition

De La Montagne/Ottawa condo - Griffintown

De La Montagne/Ottawa condo 2

After - taken this past summer

Ottawa condo construction 2

Ottawa condo construction 1

Before and After on Murray and Ottawa - Griffintown

Before - fall 2010

Ottawa condo old 2

Before and after on the corner of Murray and Ottawa in Griffintown. I have so many photos, I forgot these before ones. I'll post a complete before and after once I return to Griffintown and see the completed project.

Here's my previous post about this - link

After - summer 2011

Ottawa St 1

Ottawa condo old 1

ETS building - Griffintown

ETS project before 1

Construction of the new ETS dorm in Griffintown. The top two photos were taken at the beginning of last summer and the two last in mid-summer.

ETS project before 2

ETS project construction 1

ETS project construction 2

Sidbec caisse - Ville-Émard

Sidbec 2

This used to be the paycheck/caisse building of the Sidbec factory on Hamilton street in Ville-Émard

Sidbec 1


NCC - Little Burgundy


The Negro Community Center in Little Burgundy is about to get a facelift if they find the funds for it. They want to add an addition to the already existing but aging center. They also want to repair part of the already existing structure.



Greystone on du Fort st - Downtown Montreal

du fort 1

Condo project on du Fort street in downtown Montreal. I don't know exactly what the project was supposed to be once completed but very little of the former building remains. Just the bottom facade.

(image above: google streetview)

du fort 2

CCQ building - Ahuntsic


The new CCQ (Commission de la construction du Québec) on blvd Cremazie in Ahuntsic. The older building next to the big one (as seen in the second to last image from google streetview) got a facelift. The big building, which is quite nice, was built on a parking lot. 





Buildings next to Metropolitan Expressway - Saint-Michel

Building 1

The series of buildings next to the Metropolitan in Sain-Michel are some of the biggest eyesores in the city. Some of them are still in use while two of them are abandoned and possible major fire hazard. They've been like this for decades. The first building (above and below) looks like it's still occupied even though it's in disrepair. After that, it's the shiny looking Depotium. The two buildings after the self-stockage building are abandoned, with broken windows on each floor, easy access to inside. Quite amazing.

There's a message on the fourth building from the city granting the right to "transform" the building. It was made on 04-05-11. I guess no one has picked up the option.

These buildings are like the last examples of manufacturing era still standing and defiant to the current boom going all around. Once they're transformed/changed/demolished, I'll know only then that the city has entered a new era.

Building 2

Building 14

Building 3

Building 4

Building 5

Building 6

Building 7

Building 8

Building 12

Building 9

Building 11

Building 10

Building 13