Condos on Maria st - Saint-Henri

part of the changing face of Saint-Henri

Condo Maria 2

Huge Samcon condo project going on on Maria street in Saint-Henri. This area used to be in the middle of nowhere as it stands just next to some train tracks and some big empty space. Things changed certainly since they built the relatively new IGA. As you can see with this set of photos, I've been tracking this demolition/construction project for some time now.

I've created a new permanent blog page on all the action that's going on in Saint-Henri. 

Condo Maria 1

Condo Maria 3

Condo Maria 11

Condo Maria 10

Looking at Maria street from Augustin street. Above is after they demolished the building and below is when the structure was still standing.

Condo Maria 4

Condo Maria 9

Condo Maria 8


The Samcon condo project is fairly big. Almost an entire block. There's a huge project going on in the blue area, where the interogation point is. I have no idea what's going on there but it's a big piece of land and it has been recently worked on.

The images below show what it looked like on Maria street before the demolition. All the photos below are from Google streetview. The image above is from Google maps.

Condos on avenue Laporte - Saint-Henri

part of the changing face of Saint-Henri


This little bit of land on avenue Laporte in Saint-Henri will be a new construction site for condos. At this rate there won't be any empty space left in Montreal in a few years. They're going to fit a 6 condos  building in that space? The beautiful trees will probably have to be cut down.


(Image from Google streetview)

Demolition on Bourget st - Saint-Henri

part of the changing face of Saint-Henri

Bourget 2

Demolition going on on Bourget street in Saint-Henri. The whole street used to be a work area with factories and such but now it's just condos and lofts.

(image: google streetview)

Bourget 1


Building on St-Jacques - Saint-Henri

part of the changing face of Saint-Henri

Saint-Jacques 2

This building on St-Jacques street in Saint-Henri is either going to be demolished or getting a major facelift if the artwork on the banner shows what it's going to look like there. This project is a bit of an anomaly as practically every factory and businesses in the area are being converted into condos or lofts but this project is office space. Hmm...

Saint-Jacques 1


Griffintown news updates

I'm pausing my coverage of THE CHANGING FACE OF SAINT-HENRI for this post with breaking info over in Griffintown. Needless to say, Griffintown will be a pale shadow of itself in a year or so...

First info - Asbestos in walls

Peel & Wellington

As mentioned here at VM, the facades of the building on the corner of Peel and Wellington will be merged into a new 20 storey condo complex. Here's a photo of the banner advertising the new over-the-top project. They got approval from the city with the sole condition of merging the old facades with the new structure. Now my source tells me that the facades might eventually be demolished anyway because the walls contain asbestos. Hmm...

Haven't we heard of this many times before? Builders get approval on constructing on some heritage structure or special site with some conditions but then the old building is not safe so they'll have to demolish it anyway.

Second info - Accidents happen

St Ann condo 4

This beautiful building in Griffintown is considered a heritage building and is supposed to be spared from demolition when they'll build the St Ann condo complex where the one level red brick building behind it now stands. Well, according to my source, the owner of the shop was told, to the person's face, that "you never know an accident might happen, that a wall from the building could be accidentally demolished or something during construction and that a fine would only be $500 and they would eventually have to demolish the entire building afterwards." Interpret it is at you wish...

Third info - Moving garage

Bus garage 1

The bus garage on Wellington near the bridge was supposed to stay operational for a couple of years at this location while constructions are going on all around it in Griffintown. According to my source the garage and its offices was recently sold and the garage will move out as early as December of this year so the structure can be demolished for condos. The garage will relocate on St-Patrick street.

Bus garage 2


Turcot interchange - Saint-Henri

part of the changing face of Saint-Henri


This will all be gone one day. Just sharing photos.



Vanishing garages: on Ste-Marguerite st - Saint-Henri

part of the changing face of Saint-Henri

Ste Marguerite 2

A garage with a sizable piece of land on Ste-Marguerite st in Saint-Henri is gone replaced by a big, blocky condo building. The once open airy area is probably the most valued aspect of the former garage that was lost with this new building, making the street seem more narrow. Like the rest of Saint-Henri, there's lots of activity going on right now on Ste-Marguerite street. I think there are four or five new projects on that street alone.

(image above: google streetview)

Ste Marguerite 1

(image above: google streetview)

Vanishing garages: on St Philippe st - Saint-Henri

part of the changing face of Saint-Henri

St Philippe

The "Service de Resorts St-Henri" on St-Philippe st in Saint-Henri has been replaced with a condo building. Just on the other side of the street there's another new condo building but there was a house there and not a garage.

(image above: google streetview)

st philippe 1

Vanishing garages: on St-Ambroise st - Saint-Henri

part of the changing face of Saint-Henri

St Ambroise garage

This dilapidated shell of a garage is still standing on St-Ambroise st in Saint-Henri. It's been abandoned for some time now. The land next to it is massive which means that whenever the garage will go, and whatever they'll build there the project will be big. On the left of it was Construction Morival, which is also closed/abandoned.

(image above: google streetview)

Vanishing garages: on St-Jacques st - Saint-Henri

part of the changing face of Saint-Henri


garage st jacques 1

The "Centre D'Auto Saint-Jacques" garage on Saint-Jacques street in Saint-Henri is gone making way for new condo project.The Before photo was taken last year and the After photo was taken last week.


garage St Jacques

garage st jacques 2


Vanishing garages: on St-Patrick - Ville-Émard

garage St Patrick condo 1

A garage on the corner of St-Patrick and Monk blvd is now gone and a new condo project, called LE ST-PATRICK, will be built there. The view of the beautiful red brick building next to it will most certainly be blocked by the condo.

(image above: google streetview)

garage St Patrick condo 2

garage St Patrick condo 1


Vanishing garages: on Sherbrooke & Jeanne-Mance

garage Sherbrooke and Jeanne-Mance 2

Regular VM contributor Denis Heraud provided these photos of the garage on the corner of Sherbrooke and Jeanne-Mance getting demolished. Denis said he doesn't know what will be built there but it's not difficult to guess. Condos perhaps? lol.

Thanks Denis!

(image above: google streetview)

garage Sherbrooke and Jeanne-Mance

garage Sherbrooke and Jeanne-Mance 3

Vanishing garages: on Bannantyne - Verdun

Petro Canada Bannantyne 1

There used to be 4 garages on the corner of 5th ave and Bannantyne in Verdun. Three of them are gone with condos/apartment buildings built there so it's not a big supposition that the Petro-Canada will also make way for another condo building. If you look at this Google streetview link, you can see the 3 new condo buildings and the last standing garage. It's the end of an era.

The 1977 David Cronenberg film RABID was shot in part in Verdun and you can see the garages briefly in it. I've added some screengrabs from that movie.

Petro Canada Bannantyne 2

Petro Canada Bannantyne 3

Screengrabs taken from RABID released in 1977. This is the corner of 5th ave and Bannantyne in Verdun where there used to be 4 garages.