Abandoned/crumbling building on De Richelieu - Saint-Henri

Abandoned building on de Richelieu 1

New set of photos of the crumbling, abandoned building near De Richelieu street in Saint-Henri. I've already posted something about this almost 2 years ago (here) but this time I had a better digital camera. As the last photo shows, the crumbling building sits next to new condo projects.

Note: I've been unusually quiet about Saint-Henri for a while now. There's a reason for that: there are few projects going on right now or this past summer BUT I need to do an update on many projects which started last summer and will show the completed or near completed state of those projects. I'll do most of those updates and the few new projects in one swoop. So stay tuned on stuff on Saint-Henri.

Abandoned building on de Richelieu 2

Abandoned building on de Richelieu 3

Abandoned building on de Richelieu 4

Abandoned building on de Richelieu 5

Abandoned building on de Richelieu 6

Abandoned building on de Richelieu 1

Before & After : rue de Richelieu - Saint-Henri

(image: google streetview)

An overdue update on a condo project built on De Richelieu street in Saint-Henri which I've already noted at the CHANGING FACE OF SAINT-HENRI permanent page but didn't have a photo of the building. So here it is. This is just in front of the crumbling and abandoned building noted above.

Richelieu condo

Boarded-up former restaurant/bar on Mackay - Montréal

Mackay 1

Abandoned small business on Mackay street in downtown Montréal. There used to be a gay bar and a restaurant there but when I took these photos the place was bordered up and looked unoccupied. It's difficult to describe a building such as this one...was it a house at one point? I'm sure there's a long history to it which I'm not aware of but these kind of small businesses/houses are pretty rare in the downtown area.

Mackay 2


Before & After : Weir Canada - LaSalle

(image above: google streetview)

The old Weir Canada building on the corner of St-Patrick and Dollard ave. in LaSalle was demolished for a brand spanking new one. Not bad at all. I like it. Certainly better than what the underwhelming one they had before. In fact, this project is more impressive than most condo projects popping up everywhere these days.

I verified Montoni's website (link) and most of their projects are outside of the island of Montréal so this a rare one in these parts.

Weir building

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COOP on Tansley - Montréal (Le Village)


Just wanted to share this photo of a COOP on Tansley situated in the Village district (aka Centre-Sud), just behind the two abandoned buildings mentioned in the post below. These super bright buildings were built about 6 years ago. If you want some info you can check out the COOP's official (inactive) blog: link. From what I've read the land there was empty.

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Demolished small houses on René-Lévesque - Montréal

Rene-Levesque after

The two abandoned small houses seen in the pictures below on boulevard René-Lévesque est have been demolished for two new buildings (condos?) being built in the top photo. This is situated just next to the Jacques Cartier bridge. These two buildings were abandoned for such a long time that it's sorta odd seeing something going on there.

Rene-Levesque 1

Rene-Levesque 2

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Demolished warehouse on Shannon & Ottawa - Griffintown

Shannon & Ottawa 1

This wareshouse on the corner of Shannon and Ottawa in Griffintown was demolished a week or so ago. It was demolished for the endless Lowney projects going on in that part of Griffintown. Probably one of the ugliest structures in Montreal, few will miss it but I thought its windowless quasi-minimalist, elongated appearance was noteworthy because it was a weird building. I believe they stored stuff for Omer DeSerres there.

Shannon & Ottawa 2

Shannon & Ottawa 3

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BLOG Note: New Address

As you have probably already noticed Vanishing Montreal has a new address. It's www.vanishingmontreal.com. If you bookmarked this blog with the old address make sure to update it with this one. It's gonna simplify things.

Housing project renovations - Little Burgundy

Des Seigneurs housing
Renovation project going on in Little Burgundy on Des Seigneurs street. The houses around are outdated with 1970s siding and chintzy window frames and are definitely in need some updating. The updating looks good. The project seemed to have been stalled when I visited the area at the beginning of this summer. I'll go back there again to see the status of the renovations. I have no idea if these small attached houses will become condos.

Des Seigneurs Housing 2

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Vacant land on Peel - Montréal

CN Bonaventure land 2

The land where the CN Bonaventure building (link) used to be, on Peel street, is still vacant. It's been well over 5 years now and still nothing. The land may have needed to be decontaminated but for this long?


CN Bonaventure land 1


MUHC composite

I'm just posting these photos of the MUHC construction site before I forget them. I took the top 3 photos back in April/May. 



MUHC & Ryans
The view of the MUHC from Saint-Henri. The Ryan building is set to be demolished. This photo was taken with a 35mm camera.

Nurun building - Old Montréal

Le Silhouette 2

The former Nurun building (below) on De La Commune and Queen is demolished. No big loss but this sets up land for a new uninspired condo project (link). The office building behind will lose a great view.

Nurun 2

Le Silhouette 1

Le Silhouette3