Multiple apartments demolished on Acorn and Delinelle - Saint-Henri

Acorn demolition 3

Update: The two-storey apartment building (already posted here), on the corner of Acorn and Delinelle in Saint-Henri, was boarded up last spring and it was demolished just a few weeks ago. That's fast.

Acorn  2

Acorn demolition 2

Acorn demolition 1

Acorn  3

Acorn 4

Before & After: bakerie on Beaudoin - Saint-Henri

part of the changing face of Saint-Henri

(image above: google maps)

For a change, here's a positive Before & After on Beaudoin street in Saint-Henri: from drab, anonymous building to vibrant and cute bakerie.

Beaudoin 1

Beaudoin 2

Before & After: vanishing small house + garage - Saint-Henri

(image above: google streetview)

This small house and garage on Bourget in Saint-Henri were demolished for a condo project (below). This was completed in early in 2011 and I just noticed that I forgot to include it last year. So here it is. Better late than never. Double whammy: vanishing small house and garage.

New condos bourget

Small project on Ste-Emilie - Saint-Henri

Ste-Emilie 1

A small construction project was started in lieu of a small yard on Ste-Emilie in Saint-Henri, just on the other side of where the depanneur was demolished. The real estate market is so hot that any piece of land that's available is hot property. I was there in September 2012 and the project was almost completed but I can't find the photos of this but here are some photos taken last spring.

Ste-Emilie 2

(image above: google streetview)

Former famous depanneur and corniche - Saint-Henri

Depanneur 1

The depanneur on the corner of Ste-Emilie and Bourget in Saint-Henri was demolished last Winter 2012 (link). I took the two first photos back in April 2012 and the last time I was in the same area, August and September 2012, nothing was changed. I did find the corniche in some backyard (photos taken in August). It was somewhat preserved but it was in such a bad shape that I doubt it'll be saved.

Depanneur 2

Depanneur roof 1

Depanneur roof 2

Depanneur roof 3

Depanneur Ste-Emilie and Bourget

Heritage site targeted by developers - Saint-Henri


This small house on Rose de Lima in Saint-Henri is considered a heritage site, or patrimoniale, but that hasn't stopped condo developers from asking the owner how much he's willing to sell the house for, mostly for the big chunk of land around and behind it. Tired of the constant offers, the owner placed this printed message on the front door to ward off those pesky developers. The image below was taken last year, before the message was placed. Crazy stuff.

Smallhouse 3


Small house demolished on Ste-Marguerite - Saint-Henri

Ste Marguerite

This nice small house on Ste-Marguerite street in Saint-Henri was razed to the ground this summer for what is probably another condo project. It looked pretty good in 2009 (image below) and I love that beaver detail on the top front of the house.

If you look carefully behind the house on the left there's another even smaller house in the backyard.

(image above and below: google streetview)

Ste Marguerite 2

Renovation and abandonment on Bourget - Saint-Henri

Garage/house bourget

A garage is getting a new addition and a small quadruplex is partially abandoned on Bourget street in Saint-Henri. The garage on the left is being renovated with two new levels being added to it and the small St-Henri-style quadruplex is almost abandoned with only one apartment being rented (at the time these photos were taken). I have no information on what's in store for it but looking at the grafitti it doesn't bode well.

Abandoned bourget

Large piece of land cleared for new projects - Saint-Henri

St Ambroise lot 2

The immense piece of land which used to have two abandoned business on it has now been cleared of those two dilapidated buildings and is ready for more massive condo projects. This is on St-Ambroise street in Saint-Henri. I've already covered this area in previous posts. You can view one at this link. Photos number 3 and 4 were taken this past summer.

St Ambroise lot 1

St-Ambroise demolition 1

St-Ambroise demolition 2

(image above: google maps)

What's in blue is the large piece of land cleared and ready for new construction. In red is the small project on Ste-Emilie (see post below) and in yellow is Butternut street being covered with grass and is a continuation of the new Woonerf project taking place on the other side of rue St-Remi.

New project on Ste-Emilie - Saint-Henri

Ste-Emilie 1

New construction project on Ste-Emilie street, near St-Remi street, in Saint-Henri. There was a very small empty piece of land (see the last image from Google streetview) and they decided to build this two-storey condo project there. They also changed the surrounding area, removing part of a street (Butternut) and making a park there, which is cool.

Ste-Emilie 2

Ste-Emilie 3

(image above: google streetview)