Abandoned building - Pointe-St-Charles

This building has been abandoned for some times. It's actually pretty cool. Unfortunately, it's in an area where there's really nothing but traffic going to Victoria bridge and surrounded by big faceless warehouses. It's not an inviting relaxing area to live in which leads me to believe that it might get demolished for another faceless warehouse.

Hopefully, they won't demolish it. I wouldn't even mind if they turn it into condos (gasp!) anything but demolishing it.

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(photos taken with 35mm camera + fujifilm)


Alstom Before & After

ALSTOM building after the fire

The beautiful photo in the banner was taken before the fire. This part of the ALSTOM building was beautiful at night. For a factory, it actually sparkled. A really undiscovered gem of a place. Sadly, after the fire, the vivid colors are now gone. The 2nd photo was taken after the fire, spring/early summer of 2009. Windows were broken and though you don't see it in the photo, the place was a mess within the building beyond the windows.

A sorta magical place very people knew about but has vanished from the world. I'm glad I took some photos of it.

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(photo taken with 35mm camera + fujifilm)

Alstom before the fire

Alstom old 1

ALSTOM factory before the fire

I took this photo in the summer of 2008. A few months later, the building was destroyed in a fire. Compare this photo with the one after the fire below. You can see a big chunk of it in the left side was destroyed in the process.

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(photo taken with 35mm camera + fujifilm)