Southam Building - Bleury St

Southam building on Bleury 1

The abandoned Southam building on Bleury, near the Hôtel Marriott Courtyard construction site. Beautiful facade. Love the little devilish looking cherub.

Because of the construction site, there was no way for me to take a full shot of the building but you can see it here (you might have to refresh the page to get it working).

Photos were taken with a 35mm camera + fujifilm

Southam building on Bleury 2

Southam building on Bleury 3

Hôtel Marriott Courtyard construction - Bleury St

Hôtel Marriott Courtyard - construction (2011) 5

Construction of the Hôtel Marriott Courtyard on Bleury St and René-Lévesque is well on its way. IMO, it's an odd place to put a big 40 storey hotel. A parking lot used to be there so no one will miss it except maybe the people living in the small houses next to it.

When I took the photos, the workers yelled at me to stop. Very odd thing for a site that's wide open.

While examining the site, I wondered how the digger got there in the first place and how it was going to get down from there.

Hôtel Marriott Courtyard - construction dilemma (2011) 6

Hôtel Marriott Courtyard - construction (2011) 4

Hôtel Marriott Courtyard - construction (2011) 2

Hôtel Marriott Courtyard - construction (2011) 3

The old parking lot

Ste-Catherine + Bleury St

St Catherine + Bleury 2

The corner of Ste-Catherine and Bleury is still empty after the buildings there, which included 
Le Spectrum, were demolished a long time ago.

St Catherine + Bleury 1


Wilder building - Bleury St

Building on Bleury 1

This bulky building on Bleury between De Maisonneuve and Ste-Catherine looks completely abandoned now. The front entrances are all shuttered. I don't know if the top floors are occupied. There used to be an army surplus store there. Like so many other places, I once applied for a job there for a design company.

The new Louis Bohème condo complex near it follows the same look/design for its window and exterior.

Building on Bleury 2

Building on Bleury 3

Building on Bleury 4

Louis Bohème condos - Bleury St

Louis Bohème 2

The new Louis Bohème condo complex on Bleury and de Maisonneuve West. It's a behemoth. Not a very delicate structure. I don't dislike it but it's incredibly uninspired and uninspiring. It follows the same style of the Wilder building close to it (see above).

Top & bottom photos: digital camera; center photo: 35mm with fuji film

Louis Bohème close-up

Louis Bohème

The Lonely Balcony

Lonely balcony

Fun photo taken at the Broadway Apartment (condo) building on Rene Levesque. IMO, it's a stand-out building that doesn't really fit with the rest of the buildings. I would love to see the interior. It's massive.


Abandoned buildings + parking lots near the BELL Center

A couple of abandoned buildings and still-active parking lots near the BELL Center will soon disappear for a huge expansion of the complex. The main abandoned building, in the middle of nowhere and difficult to access with the VM expressway exit just next to it, is quite a solid structure. I once applied for a job as security guard there. It used to be a shelter for homeless men. I didn't get the job but I did get to see the inside of the building. It's been derelict for so many years now that I can't even remember the last time it was open for business. The building on its left will also be demolished. The parking lots in between those buildings will also go.

The big parking lot (as seen in the last photo), where the Queen's Hotel used to be, will also be used for the next massive project.

Abandon buildings near Bell Center 2

Abandon buildings near Bell Center 3

Abandon buildings near Bell Center 4

Abandon buildings near Bell Center 5

Abandon buildings near Bell Center 6

Abandon building near Bell Center 7

Abandon building near Bell Center 8

Parking near Bell center

The red sections are where the abandoned buildings and parking lots of this post are located. There are some additional buildings next to them, where the Hotel du Nouveau Forum is situated, and I don't know their fate but some of them also look abandoned. The area in purple is where the CN Bonaventure building used to be. It's still an empty space up to this day. In yellow is the Overdale area, where the Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine house is situated and has been recently sold, after 25 years in limbo, to developers.


Readers' input: mid-century modern house in Westmount

Earlier this year two readers of Vanishing Montreal gave me tips about two houses set to be demolished. One in Westmount and the other, the Montreal Trend House in Beaconsfield. Oddly enough, both houses are mid-century modern designs.

This mid-century modern house in Westmount, on Surrey Gardens between Gordon Crescent and Summit Crescent, is set to be demolished or is already demolished. The screen shot is from Google Maps streetview.

 If I ever get to Westmount soon, I'll try to see what's the status of the house.

Readers' input: Montreal Trend House

I got an email back in February saying the Montreal Trend House in Beaconsfield is set to be demolished. Sorry about the delay but there's so much real estate action/changes going on these days that it's hard to keep up. Beaconsfield is sorta out of my way, so if anyone has any photos to share before, during or after its demolition please just email them to me.

There's a great website dedicated to the MTH and its pending demolition. Pretty interesting info there. It's a shame it has to be demolished.

Even the CBC covered the story.

The photos below are from Google Maps


Provigo closed - Verdun - Update

Provigo closed - Verdun ave

The Provigo on Verdun ave in Verdun is now history. No more sign and it's empty. The second floor above it is also empty. There used to be a "billard" hall there. From looking at it now, I'm thinking new condo complex. It's a big piece of real estate and I doubt any business will open up there again.

Previous post here

Hopital Ste-Therese - Lasalle

The Ste Therese Hospital in Lasalle has been gone for a couple of years now but I captured its demolition  while  bicycling. I don't have a photo on how it looked like before these photos were taken and I couldn't find any on them internets. I always thought the building was a retirement home but its name would indicate otherwise. A huge condo complex stands in its place. GM still indicates the area as Hopital Ste-Therese. The photos were taken in the summer of 2006.

image: google maps

Industrial Plant on Newman - Lasalle

A composite of two image shows a plant being demolished in Lasalle on Blvd Newman a couple of years ago. The plant's exterior was red and one couldn't miss it. I don't know what the plant was or what they manufactured or for how long it was abandoned but I took these two photos when I was passing by when it was being demolished. The bird's eye view of the area from Google Maps in the image below still shows the plant and the general area being demolished.

Today, the lot is still empty, as seen here with Google Maps. It probably needs to be decontaminated.


St James United Church - Store fronts

For decades, the St. James United church was  surrounded by stores/shops/business built around and in front of the church's entrance. I don't know when it was built but the demolition of the ugly front was completed in 2006 and the glory of the church's spectacular facade can now be seen by everyone (see the following post). One of the few cases when the "vanishing" was actually a good thing.

Photos from the St. James United Church's website.

St James United church - Photography

This is not about the vanishing St James United church. I'm glad to say it's staying put (for now). No, I'm just sharing some photos I took while documenting a dozen or so sites.

With photography timing is everything and this a good example. I took these photos yesterday and, well, I arrived just at the right moment.

St James United church 2

St James United church 1

Pavilion Roland Bock

This building, Pavilion Roland Bock, adjacent to Hopital St-Luc, is set to be demolished. The DELSAN AIM signs are hanging all round it and its surrounded by signs saying "zone de demolition", which means certain death. I like the entrance. This will probably be my last post about the entire CHUM/Trinity church area.

Google Maps

st-luc building 2

st-luc building 3

The blue arrow is where the Pavilion Roland Bock is right now. The red sections shows what has already been demolished. The red arrow shows a building on Saint-Antoine that was demolished years ago. I can't find any photo or info on that building. Below is how the new CHUM buildings will look like.


Square Viger - still standing!

Square Viger

While the Trinity Anglican church, the beautiful Hotel/Apartments next to it and the Videotron building are all gone we can count our blessings that,  just a stone's throw away, the oddity known as the Square Viger (the world's only concrete park?) was spared and it's still with us. Arf. I took the photo above today. This photo actually makes the ugly square look pretty nifty.