Demolition of church on Gordon st - Verdun

Church on Gordon st - Before 1

This old church structure on Gordon street in Verdun was demolished this week; it started on Tuesday June 26. I've chronicled its destruction. The three top photos were taken this spring when the billboard and sales office for a new condo project were installed. It was originally a Methodist church when it was built in 1908 but changed denominations from time to time. The small church's last owner was the Prosvita Ukrainian Reading Society of Taras Shevchenko (wikipedia). While taking photos, people stopped by and chatted with me, expressing their shock with the destruction of the 100+ year old church. The church was renovated at one point with an addition to the facade. There was no fire, no hazards or anything to warrant its demolition.

This is not the first church to be demolished on Gordon street. The Verdun Community Church was also demolished several years ago for condos: link

No news or mention about this demolition in the media. 

Church on Gordon st - Before 2

Church on Gordon st - Before 3

Day 1 - Tuesday June 26

Church on Gordon st - Day 1 - 1

Church on Gordon st - Day 1 - 2

Day 2 -Wednesday June 27

Church on Gordon st - Day 2 - 1

Church on Gordon st - Day 2 - 2

Church on Gordon st - Day 2 - 3

Church on Gordon st - Day 2 - 4

Day 3 -Thursday June 28

Church on Gordon st - Day 3 - 1

Church on Gordon st - Day 3 - 2

Church on Gordon st - Day 3 - 3

Church on Gordon st - Day 3 - 4


Corner of Wellington & De La Montagne - Griffintown

Triplex Wellington

All the buildings on the corner of Wellington and De La Montagne will be demolished for new building project. My source says that it includes the grey brick building (top photo), the depanneur and its building, the businesses and apartments in the building with the yellow siding and the small house as well. That small house? No way! I love it.

Wellington & De La Montagne

Griffintown small house

Small house

Abandoned small house - Montréal

Amherst maison
This small house (business?) is boarded up and abandoned on Amherst street.

I'll check it out from time to time to see will happen to it.

Entire block on Amherst & St-Timothee - Montréal

Glo condo 1

The entire block starting on the corner of De La Gauchetière between Amherst and Saint-Timothee will be demolished to make way of a new big condo project, its name displayed prominently on those big billboards on this abandoned building. Hopefully, it'll be better looking than the other condo project across the street.

I've including images of the abandoned building on the corner of René Lévesque blvd and Amherst, wondering what's going to happen to it? Phase 2 of this condo project?

(edited for updates)

Glo condo 2

Glo condo 3

Glo condo 4

Glo condo 5
The abandoned building on the corner of René Lévesque and Amherst is still intact in this representation of the new condos. Hmm...


New Building on Amherst & R.L. - Montréal

Amherst & Rene Levesque

This new condo building on the corner of Amherst and René-Lévesque in Montréal (Ville-Marie) is meh. When I was there I thought they were renovation an old building. Arf. The big blocky grey bricks are ugly and the beige ones as well. Great corner (terrible traffic though) but honestly they could have come up with something more inspiring. An empty lot was there before, as shown in the Google streetview image.

Amherst & Rene Levesque 2

Amherst & Rene Levesque 3

Amherst & Rene Levesque 4

(image: google streetview)

Boarded-up building on William and Richmond - Griffintown

William & Richmond boarded 1

This small building on the corner of Richmond and William streets in Griffintown is now boarded up, for possible demolition? Most likely. I took the two last photos from the area last summer knowing that it might soon disappear. The wide piece of land next to it, which was also used as a parking space, makes this a hot property for new condos. The sidewalks in that area are in really bad shape.

William & Richmond boarded  2

William & Richmond boarded 4

William & Richmond boarded 5

William & Richmond old 1

William & Richmond old 2

Before & After: Small house on Turcot st - Saint-Henri

Turcot 3

This small, typical Saint-Henri style house on Turcot street was abandoned for many years and only  recently demolished making way for new condos. I took the Before photos late last summer.

Rue Turcot 1

Turcot 4

Rue Turcot 3

Small house on Verdun st - Verdun

Verdun street house & garage 1

This small house (below) was demolished on Verdun street in Verdun, near De L'Eglise. The Volkswagen building next to it (post here) was demolished and it seems the house was included in the process. As in the two bottom photos show, the foundation is made of stone which means the small house was an old structure. To give you an idea how old it might be, the duplex I live in was built in 1929 and the foundation is made of cement.

(image above: google streetview)

Verdun street house & garage 2

Verdun street house & garage 3


Before & After: no more windows! - Côte-Saint-Paul

The google streetview image above shows how this beautiful super solid red brick triplex on Caron street in CSP lost all of their windows with the new construction of condos on the little bit of land that was next to it, cutting down the trees as well. This is one of the worst things I've ever seen. This is one of my favorite spots to walk about during the summer (it's very quiet!) and always thought I'd love to live in that amazing triplex right in front of the park. Well, not anymore.

The new condo is a tad odd looking in design and it looks like the alleyway is narrower now.

Condo Caron 1

Condo Caron 2

Burned triplex - Côte-Saint-Paul

Champigny 2

This triplex 6plex in CSP, on De Champigny street, was gutted by a fire. As you can see, the roof caved in and very is left except for a facade. When I went there a crew of renovators were about to work on it even if there's nothing much left to work with. I'll check it out from time to time to see what's going on. Of course, condos will most likely be built there.

Champigny 1

Urgel Bourgie/New Condos - Côte-Saint-Paul

Urgel Bourgie/Condo Laurendeau 1

This new condo building above replaced the Urgel Bourgie funeral house on the corner of Cardinal and Laurendeau streets in CSP. This is one of the fastest constructions ever. Last summer the funeral home was still there. The brickwork is especially uneven as the 3 last photos show.

(image above: google streetview)

Urgel Bourgie/Condo Laurendeau 3

Urgel Bourgie/Condo Laurendeau 4

Urgel Bourgie/Condo Laurendeau 2