New buildings next to Olympic Village - Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Village Olympique 2

New construction of condos next to the Olympic village in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. The photos were taken last September. I'm certain the folks living in the OV buildings are happy that their view has been blocked.

Village Olympique 3

Village Olympique 1

The construction is on the left hand side of the Olympic village buildings. This Google Maps view shows the empty space (and parking lot) which was replace with the new buildings.

Long-abandoned lobster restaurant on Mackay - Montreal

Lobster Mackay 2

The long-abandoned lobster restaurant on Mackay in downtown Montreal was still there last summer when I took these photos. Quite amazing when you consider all the action which has been going on in Montreal in the past couple of years.

Lobster Mackay 3

Lobster Mackay 1

Lobster Mackay 4

New building on rue Centre - Pointe-Saint-Charles

Construction centre 1

This piece of land on the corner of rue Centre and De La Sucrerie in Pointe-Saint-Charles has been empty for a long time and was once a parking lot as well but construction started in spring 2012 (above) and the building was well on its way to be completed August 2012 (below) when I took these photos. The building will be a retirement home.

Retirement rue centre 1

Retirement rue centre 2

Retirement rue centre 3


Update: Alstom factory - Pointe-Saint-Charles

A big chunk of the Alstom plant in Pointe-Saint-Charles is now gone. Here's a simple visual presentation.

Summer 2008 (35mm)
Alstom old 1

Summer 2009

A big fire gutted a huge section of the plant.

Alstom old after fire 4

Alstom old after fire 3
The big structure is completely gone. When I mean it's gone it's all gone. Only the section in the back remains

Winter 2013
Alstom demolished 1

Summer 2008
Alstom old 2

The red brick building in the foreground is still there today. It's simply not framed in the photo directly below.

Winter 2013
Alstom demolished 3

Summer 2008
Alstom old 3
The building on the left is totally gone as seen in the photo directly below

Winter 2013
Alstom demolished 2