MacDonald fire station to be demolished - Hampstead

Fire Station Hampstead 1

The MacDonald fire station on the corner of MacDonald and Langhorne in Hampstead will be demolished for a huge luxury condo project, with price ranging from $575k to $2 million. The fire station has been vacant for some time as Google streetview, which passed by there in April of 2009, shows as being vacant back then. The 16-storey condominium building is touted as being one of the most luxurious condo projects yet.

The fire station is stretched out and takes a big piece of land which is perfect for redevelopment. It's also next to a park. I like it as it is but oh well...

Fire Station Hampstead 2

Fire Station Hampstead 3

Fire Station Hampstead 4

Fire Station Hampstead 5

Fire Station Hampstead 6

Fire Station Hampstead 7

Fire Station Hampstead 8

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Corner of St-Jacques and Versailles - Montréal

Versailles & St-Jacques

This Couche-Tard on the corner of St-Jacques and Versailles in Montréal was demolished to make way for new condos.

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Démolition : Griffintown

Griffintown demolition

6 addresses....it doesn't get more clear than this...

Verdun Community Church on Gordon st - Verdun

The old Verdun Community church on Gordon street between Bannantyne and Champlain blvd in Verdun. The church was demolished for new condos built in 2009 when the google streetview image (below) was taken

If you want to see more photos of the church, including the interior, click here .

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Interior of old Methodist/Prosvita church - Verdun

Prosvita interior 1

I recently posted photos of the destruction of the Methodist church on Gordon street (here), which was a Prosvita center for the Ukrainian community. Maurice Prokaziuk saw the photos at my Flickr account (link), where I host my photos for this blog, and commented:

"So sad to see it go. My Dad was a member of Prosvita and unfortunatly they had to sell due to a declining and aging membership. I had my wedding reception there in 1976."

I asked Maurice if he had any photos of the interior and he told me his brother Michael Prokaziuk took some photos before it was demolished and sent them to me. Thanks so much to Maurice and Michael. These photos are priceless.

The church was still in good condition and with some retouching and renovations it could have looked spiffy. My favorite photo is the last one, with the pool table, big map and the framed portrait.

All photos by Michael Prokaziuk.

Prosvita interior 2

Prosvita interior 3

Prosvita interior 4

Prosvita interior 5

Prosvita interior 6

Prosvita interior 7

Prosvita interior 8

Prosvita interior 9


Montréal's condo boom

(image: google maps)

Just to give you an idea how extensive the condo boom is going on in Montréal. Most of these are new projects (condos, lofts, townhouses, etc) with just a few that are a few years old. Scarily enough I was surprised by how many of them I've already covered here at VM. But there's more, MUCH MORE, to cover. And this screenshot doesn't include Saint-Henri, Lasalle, Verdun, PSC, etc.

Calling it a boom is an understatement.

Boarded up apartments on Acorn and Delinelle - Saint-Henri

Acorn 4

Couple of two storey buildings have been boarded up on Acorn and Delinelle streets in Saint-Henri. Last time I was there these apartments where not boarded up and people still lived there but the entire place was up for sale. I guess this is the result. There are (or were) 6 apartments in total there. When I was there last year and initially saw the empty lots around it (one of which was up for sale) I knew this place was doomed: you can see the empty lot on Delinelle street in the top two photos and the big empty lot (parking) on Acorn in the last photo. Empty space = condos.

As a side note, a condo complex was completed there last year on Delinelle, just on the other side of the street, as noted here. When I walked by there this past April, the new condo building was still 3/4s empty. Acorn is next to a train track.

Acorn 1

Acorn  2

Acorn  3

Boarded up on De L'Eglise - Côte-Saint-Paul

Boarded up on de L'eglise
This triplex on De L'Eglise in Côte-Saint-Paul was boarded up for most of the winter. The staircases and porches were removed. I walked by there recently and they were working on renovating the place. I'll post updates once it's completed.

Condos on De La Gauchetière - Montréal

Le Berri Condo
Billboard announcing new condo project will be built on a parking space situated on De La Gauchetière, between Berri and St-Denis streets, near the CHUM construction site. Photo was taken this past spring.


Several buildings demolished on Sherbrooke - N.D.G.

Sherbrooke between Prud'Homme and Decarie

A bunch of buildings were demolished on Sherbrooke between Prud'homme and Autoroute Decarie in N.D.G.. Included in those buildings was a 3 storey red brick apartment building on Prud'homme ave. (last google image). Of course, condos will be built there. It's a very busy intersection.

(image above: google streetview)

Sherbrooke between Prud'Homme and Decarie 2

Sherbrooke between Prud'Homme and Decarie 3

(image above: google streetview)

Sherbrooke between Prud'Homme and Decarie 4

(image above: google streetview)

Sherbrooke between Prud'Homme and Decarie 1