Before & After : Coner Ste-Catherine & St-Laurent blvd - Montréal

(image above: google streetview)

St-Laurent & Ste-Catherine

Lower Main Saint-Laurent blvd - Montréal

Rue St-Laurent 2

The lower main on Saint-Laurent blvd was set to be demolished, up to Cafe Cleopatra, in April 2012. I haven't been there since then and haven't heard any news about its demolition. The facade is pretty much what's left for a good part of it, which is typical of Facade Montréal.

Rue St-Laurent 3

Rue St-Laurent 4

Rue St-Laurent 5

Rue St-Laurent 6

Rue St-Laurent 1

Rue St-Laurent 7

Rue Clark - Montréal

Rue St-Laurent behind 11

Rue Clark in downtown Montreal. This is the back of what's on rue Saint-Laurent. It's been like this since forever. Part of it was set to be demolished in April. I haven't been there since. Like above, it's amazing that something so dilapidated still exists in Montreal.

Rue St-Laurent behind 12

Rue St-Laurent behind 13

Rue St-Laurent behind 10

Rue St-Laurent behind 9

Rue St-Laurent behind 8

Rue St-Laurent behind 7

Rue St-Laurent behind 6

Rue St-Laurent behind 5

Rue St-Laurent behind 4

Rue St-Laurent behind 3

Rue St-Laurent behind 2

Rue St-Laurent behind 1


Update: Beaver Hall & Viger - Montréal

Beaver Hall & Viger - Altoria

Update on the Altoria project on Beaver Hall and Viger in downtown Montréal. I've already posted about this here. Nothing much more to add except that I really used to love this corner. The photos speak for themselves.

Altoria condo 7

Beaver Hall & Viger - Altoria 4

Beaver Hall & Viger - Altoria 2

Beaver Hall & Viger - Altoria 6

Altoria condo 1

Altoria condo 3

Altoria condo 4

Beaver Hall & Viger - Altoria 11

Beaver Hall & Viger - Altoria 12

Beaver Hall & Viger - Altoria 13

Beaver Hall & Viger - Altoria 10

Beaver Hall & Viger - Altoria 14

Beaver Hall & Viger - Altoria 16

Update: New condo @ former garage - Saint-Henri

Garage St jacques 3

This is the new condo building that replaced the garage on the corner of St-Jacques and Ste-Marguerite in Saint-Henri. I already posted about this last year here.

garage st jacques 1

Garage St jacques 2

Garage St jacques 1

Demolished building on l'Hotel de Ville & Charlotte - Montréal

Rue Charlotte 2

A building with multiple dwellings was demolished to make way for a new condo project on the corner of l'Hotel de Ville and Charlotte, just across the street of the big condo project (post below). I don't know how old the building was but it was clearly renovated years ago. The greystone work looks old but the renovations weren't really working with it. It's still a surprised that it was demolished.

Rue Charlotte 1

Condo project on l'Hotel de Ville - Montréal

Rue Hotel de Ville 1

Another massive condo project, without a name, that's going on right now with little fanfare or totally under the radar. There are many condo projects going on right now where they don't even bother  identifying it or are totally anonymous. No sales office. There's no billboard or anything saying what's going on. Nothing. It's on the corner of l'Hotel de Ville and Charlotte in Downtown Montréal. After a little research on them interwebs I found out that it's actually phase 3 of a construction project that started years ago with that ugly bland building in the background of the top photo. A huge parking lot was situated there before this project.

Rue Hotel de Ville 2

(image above: google streetview)

Rue Hotel de Ville 3

Condo projects on Duvernay and Charlevoix - Little Burgundy

Little Burgundy vinet & duvernay 1

Multiple condo projects on the corner of Charlevoix and Duvernay in Little Burgundy. A parking lot and an unidentified building (storage?) were previously there at that location.

(image above: google streetview)

bLittle Burgundy vinet & duvernay 2

(image above: google streetview)

Little Burgundy vinet & duvernay 3