Lowney condos - Griffintown

Lowney Condo 1

The Lowney condo project, phase number ?, is still ongoing in Griffintown. I love the old style red brick buildings but the new stuff is depressing. The brick work on the new building is terrible. Standing there, with the sun shining on the sides, I could already see misaligned brickwork which created shadows when good smooth brickwork shouldn't. Even if it's not finished the architecture already looks outdated. As the third photo shows it looks more like cabins on a Cruise ship than condominiums. With just a narrow street standing between the walls of the condo buildings, new and old, the space was very "echoey". If someone talks on one of them balconies everyone will be able to hear it. There's no privacy whatsoever. Might as well live in the avenues in Verdun

A parking lot and a Transcontinental building made way for these. I already posted about the initial start of the construction last year. Link. I've included 3 panoramic shots of different stages of the construction.

Lowney Condo 5

Lowney Condo 6

Lowney Condo 4

Lowney Condo 3

Lowney Condo composite 3

Lowney Condo panoramic 1

Lowney Condo composite 2

Lowney Condo 2

Lowney Transcontinental 1

Lowney Transcontinental 1

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