Update: Maurice Boyer Pro Shop - Verdun

bowling 1

Over a year ago I posted (here and here) about a new condo project replacing the Maurice Boyer Pro Shop on Bannantyne street near De L'Eglise in Verdun. Here are some some photos of the ongoing construction.

bowling 2

Update: L7 Condo - Verdun

Car Sales L7 condo
Nearly 2 months ago I posted about a Used car sales business that closed back in the summer of 2011 in Verdun. I was in the area recently and saw this billboard announcing the new condo project that will be built there.


Before & After on Denonville st - Côte-Saint-Paul

Before and after of a small duplex, now triplex, on Denonville in Côte-St-Paul. Above, image provided by Google Streetview, shows how the building was in 2009. Someone renovated it, divided the single unit on the second floor into two and generally made the whole thing much more beautiful. Great job. Photo below was taken last summer.


Abandoned building on de Laprairie - Pointe-St-Charles

This building on de Laprairie near Augustin Cantin in Pointe-St-Charles has been abandoned since forever. I remember it was abandoned back in the mid-1990s. The Waseskun halfway house for Aboriginal criminals was located there before they moved in the top floor of the old Garda building in Saint-Henri on rue St-Jacques, which was closed at that location a decade ago. The halfway house is now situated in the town of Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez. And yet the building still looks pretty solid. I love these red brick buildings.

Laprairie 2

Laprairie 3

New condos on Augustin Cantin - Pointe-St-Charles

Augustin-Cantin 2

New condo project on Augustin Cantin in Pointe-St-Charles. Yes, this is a new condo building.

I saw the start of the construction last summer but didn't take any photos. So I decided to go back and see how it was progressing. When I was there I had a difficult time finding the "new" condo because where the "new" condo should be there's this old looking thing in its place. And then I realized "Hey, this is the new condo project." Yikes. There are tons of ugly apartment buildings that look like this in the area but they were built in the 1980s!!! Pretty sad when the old garage that used to be there was less of an eyesore. Oh well...

(image above & below: google streetview)

Augustin-Cantin 1


Update: Mac Clinic/New Condo - Pointe-St-Charles

Mac condo

As reported back in July 2011 (link), the location of the old Mac Clinic building (last image) on the corner of Centre and De Conde in Pointe-St-Charles was the construction site for a new condo building last summer (below) which is now pretty much completed (above).

Rue Centre Mac Shop 1

(image: google streetview)

Update: Seracon building gone - Pointe-St-Charles

Seracon 2

The Seracon building on St-Patrick street in Pointe-St-Charles is no more. As posted here back in July 2011 (link) it stood empty and abandoned for many years, caught in some sort of legal quagmire. I took these photos 2 weeks ago.

Seracon 1


Update: Red brick building/St-Ann condo project - Griffintown

St-Ann update 1

As already mentioned before at VM back in July 2011 here and October 2011 here  demolition of the wide building next to St-Ann park in Griffintown has begun. The third photo shows when it started and the top two photos were taken two weeks ago. The two last photos were taken last summer.

St-Ann update 2

St-Ann condo demolition

St Ann condo 3

St Ann condo 1


Update: Le Silhouette condos on De La Commune - Old Montreal


As mentioned before here at Vanishing Montreal back in August 2011 (link)  the building at the corner of De La Commune and Prince will be demolished. I was skeptical about the old stone building being part of the new project but when the banners for Le Silhouette appeared around it I thought "oh no".  Well the old greystone building won't be demolished so skepticism is still intact. Phew. The banners on the old building are for the condo complex where the Nurun building is just across the street. I double checked the address for Le Silhouette and it's 711 which is the address for the building in the photo above and below. I already took photos of the Nurun building last summer as I was told then it would be demolished. So here's the update on the update.


The banners below are for the Nurun building across the street as seen above.

Silhouette 1

Elevated Parking on St-Maurice - Old Montreal


Old elevated parking lot rue St-Maurice near McGill street in Old Montreal is being transformed into a luxurious condo building. Not a great loss but red brick buildings are an endangered species in downtown Montreal or the general area which is a shame because I love them. But this one is not particularly memorable though.


parking saint-maurice 5

parking saint-maurice 4

parking saint-maurice 3

parking saint-maurice 2

parking saint-maurice 1