de l'Église - Montreal's grittiest street? - CSP & Verdun

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After rue Allard, here's another profile on a specific street: de l'Église.

The infamous street goes through Verdun and Côte-Saint-Paul. The Verdun side is slowly getting better but the Côte-Saint-Paul side is still pretty much rundown. It was once called Church street but changed to de l'Église. Streets like this are getting more rare with the current boom in condo constructions.

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L'Église Saint-Paul in Côte-Saint-Paul.

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This photo was taken on the Verdun side (update : here)

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Nice solid building on the corner of Hadley and de l'Église. It's still in use. The new building below is also at the same corner.

de l'eglise 2


  1. the top blue building use to be Salle Champlain, used for receptions, banquets etc, back in the 70's. The building (that I think is really pretty) is still standing. The Silver Dragon Cafe at the corner of Laurendeau and D'Eglise is for sale. Real Estate describes the property as potential condo. So possibly another vanishing Montreal landmark.

  2. Across the street from Bar Latour, Latours Tavern in my day, was a MTC, Montreal Transportation Company, bus garage, which I believe at one time a car barn, the name they used for a street car garage. At one time the now STM was known as the MTC, Montreal Tramways