Liguori condo project/Eglise St-Alphonse-d'Youville - Villeray

Liguori/Saint-Alphonse-d'Youville 2

The construction site for the Liguori condo project, which doesn't interest me. What interests me though is the fact that this stunning view of the church will soon disappear behind the bland 8-storey high condo project. What a shame. Also, the effect of the hole they dug out combined with the grey brickwork is simply amazing. A great subject for photography. The monastery (the last photo) will be converted into affordable residences (how affordable?). An extension to the monastery was demolished. You can view a photo when it was intact here. The future of the impressive church itself is mentioned here.

Liguori/Saint-Alphonse-d'Youville 3

Liguori/Saint-Alphonse-d'Youville 4

Liguori/Saint-Alphonse-d'Youville 5

Liguori/Saint-Alphonse-d'Youville 6

Liguori/Saint-Alphonse-d'Youville 7

Liguori/Saint-Alphonse-d'Youville 8

Liguori/Saint-Alphonse-d'Youville 9

Liguori/Saint-Alphonse-d'Youville 1


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  1. The extension is surely not much of a loss in terms of cultural heritage, but I agree that the loss of that point of view for the church is a sad thing. A park with an open view of the church would have been amazing... oh well...