Horse Palace is no more - Griffintown

Horse Palace no more

The stable and the small house behind the triplex on Ottawa are gone. It was there just a few weeks prior, as the bottom photo shows but since that photo was taken and posted here they demolished the Horse Palace.

Before & After - Horse Palace - Griffintown

Building on Murray st. - Griffintown

Murray Griffintown

A building for a business on Murray st in Griffintown was painted over in yellow to advertise about the new condo project that's going to replace it.

(image above: Google streetview)

Peel & Ottawa - Griffintown

Peel & Ottawa 2

The two top photos were taken last November and shows all the buildings/structures being demolished for new condo projects while the other photos were taken a couple of weeks before. The Corlab building was reportedly sold last year.

Peel & Ottawa 1

Peel & Ottawa 3

Peel & Ottawa 4

Peel & Ottawa 7

Peel & Ottawa 8

Peel & Ottawa 5

Peel & Ottawa 6