Condo project on De Lorimier/Parthenais - Montréal

Delorimier 3

I'm currently sorting out some issues with my computer so I won't be posting much until that's resolved. In the meantime...

New condo project between De Lorimier and Parthenais just next to Jacques Cartier bridge, just at the edge of Le Village. There has been an empty lot there for some time. The two photos at the bottom were taken last fall.

Delorimier 2
Delorimier 1
Partenais - Delorimier
Delorimier - Partenais


Condo project on Congregation & Wellington - PSC

Wellington & Congregation
New condo project on the corner of Congregation and Wellington in Pointe-St-Charles. There used to be an empty lot there. Looking at the same location in Google Maps, this condo project was announced as far back as 2009 and it's only being built right now.

Paco Corp building on Wellington

paco corp 1
With big changes to come with the eventual realization of the autoroute Bonaventure project some buildings close to it are currently going through evaluation including the PACO Corp building which is right smack in the middle of it all. My source has told me that the building's future is currently being studied. It's not set to be demolished. The studies is just to see if it's worth keeping it as is.

 paco corp 2 This small house set against the building is safe...for now.


CineFilms building on St-Jacques & Irene - Saint-Henri

Cinefilms 1
The CineFilms building, a solid looking building on the corner of St-Jacques and Irene streets in Saint-Henri, is getting a major facelift, including floors added on top of it for new condos. The last image shows how it's supposed to look like.

Cinefilms 2


Alleyway (Collecteur Saint-Pierre) Woonerf project - Saint-Henri

lane 1

Nothing much to say except that the first steps of the project have started last fall.

lane 2

Triplex on Ste-Emilie and Turgeon - Saint-Henri

Ste-Emilie & Turgeon
The triplex on the corner of Ste-Emilie and Turgeon, next to the depanneur, has also been demolished. As you can see in the photos in the Depanneur post below, the triplex was still standing when they demolished the corner store and its adjoining building. A recent quick visit in the neighborhood showed the triplex, which was in bad state for many years, is now also gone. In the photo of the depanneur I took in 2008 you can see that the triplex was missing a porch even back then. The photo above was taken in November 2011.


Landmark depanneur on Ste-Emilie and Bourget - Saint-Henri

Depanneur Ste-Emilie and Bourget

This depanneur on the corner of Ste-Emilie and Bourget is (or was) one of the most recognizable landmarks in Saint-Henri but even with that recognition it wasn't enough to save it and the building from demolition. No outcry or anything. Pretty sad. I took the top photo back in June of 2008.

Ste-Emilie 3

Ste-Emilie 2

Ste-Emilie 1

New construction on Turgeon & St-Ambroise - Saint-Henri

Turgeon & St-Ambroise 2

New construction on the corner of Turgeon and St-Ambroise in Saint-Henri. Nothing much to report as the new construction has been built on an empty lot/yard. The two top photos are before, taken last fall, and the two bottom photos are current.

Turgeon & St-Ambroise 1

Turgeon & St-Ambroise 1

Turgeon & St-Ambroise 2