Condo project on William and Des Seigneurs - Griffintown

Le William May 2013

The "Le William" condo project is on its way to being completed. The construction was supposed to take place at different times with different phases but everything seems to be built all at once. At least they preserved the beautiful red brick building. I already posted about this project last year. See here.

I included a photo I took of the construction site and the massive hole they dug just to give you an idea. I'll do a Before and After once it's completed.

Le William 2 May 2013
On the corner of William and St-Martin

Le William 3 May 2013

Le William 4

St-Martin entrepot
On St-Martin street where Le William condo project is being built. On the other side of the street there's yet another condo project that will replace this plant.

Buildings gone on Des Seigneurs & William - Griffintown

Des Seigneurs 1

The structures on the corner of Des Seigneurs and William were completely demolished for yet another massive condominium project. The first 4 photos were taken in April 2012. The 2 following photos (with snow) were taken in March of this year. And the 6 last original photos were taken in May 2013. This project is moving fast once it got started. I included two Google streetview screenshots to show the view from the bridge.

I loved the red brick building just next to the bridge crossing the Lachine canal. In my opinion, it was so iconic of the area and the general old industrial look of the city of Montreal.

Des Seigneurs 2

Des Seigneurs 3

Des Seigneurs 4

March 2013

Des Seigneurs March 2013 2

Des Seigneurs March 2013 1

MAY 2013


Des Seigneurs 1 - May 2013

Des Seigneurs 2 - May 2013

Des Seigneurs 3 - May 2013

Des Seigneurs 4 -  May 2013

Des Seigneurs 5 - May 2013

Google streetview

The view of the area coming in from the bridge.

FLICKR photostream

The photos on this blog are hosted at my flickr account and recently the site had a facelift and now there's a photostream a la Tumblr where you can view all the photos uploaded there in a continuous collage. You can also view the photos as a slideshow. A total view of the changing face of the urban landscape in Montréal all in one place. It's quite cool (and sad). Make sure to check it out.

Vanishing Montreal at Flickr


Vanishing small house on Sainte-Marie - Saint-Henri

Sainte-Marie May 2013

This empty lot is what's left of a small house that used to be there on Sainte-Marie in Saint-Henri. I don't have a picture of said house but you can see a glimpse of it in the Google Streetview screenshot below.

The photo directly below was taken in March 2013 with bin and portable toilet still present while  they finished demolishing the small house.

Sainte-Marie March 2013
(image: google streetview)

Before & After: on Ave. Laporte - Saint-Henri

Laporte 2

Photo above posted on October 11 2011. Photo below taken in April 2013.

Avenue Laporte

Condos on Charlevoix - P.S.C.

Rue Charlevoix 2

This compact condo building on Charlevoix in Pointe-Saint-Charles was built on an empty lot/parking lot.The great thing about this address is that it's right next to the metro (one step away from the Charlevoix station). The bad thing about this address is that it's right next to the metro (traffic...noisy).

Rue CharlevoixThis photo was taken in March 2012

(image: google streetview)

Vincent subs restaurant on Wellington - Verdun

Vincent restaurant on Wellington 1

The Vincent subs restaurant on Wellington street in Verdun was set to be demolished when these photos were taken in March but it's still there today. The bins are gone. It's either the project was canceled or it was a simple renovation. I'll check it out again in the near future to see if there's any changes to the place.

Vincent restaurant on Wellington 2