Condo project on William and Des Seigneurs - Griffintown

Le William May 2013

The "Le William" condo project is on its way to being completed. The construction was supposed to take place at different times with different phases but everything seems to be built all at once. At least they preserved the beautiful red brick building. I already posted about this project last year. See here.

I included a photo I took of the construction site and the massive hole they dug just to give you an idea. I'll do a Before and After once it's completed.

Le William 2 May 2013
On the corner of William and St-Martin

Le William 3 May 2013

Le William 4

St-Martin entrepot
On St-Martin street where Le William condo project is being built. On the other side of the street there's yet another condo project that will replace this plant.

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