Businesses closed & demolished on Queen Mary - N.D.G.

Queen Mary construction 2

Several businesses were closed, some for good while others moved to new locations, on Queen Mary road in N.D.G. when their buildings were demolished for a new condo/business project. Unlike most demolitions, this one made the news at the time, including the Gazette, the Montreal Mirror and the CBC (link).

Queen Mary construction 1

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Yard makes way for new building rue Centre - Pointe-St-Charles

Rue Centre PSC

New building on what used to be a parking space and a yard on rue Centre in Pointe-Saint-Charles. It's not surprising to see green spaces such as yards disappearing, certainly on a street like Centre.

Condos on Grand Trunk and De La Sucrerie - Pointe-St-Charles

Grand Trunk 1

The new condos on the corner of Grand Trunk and De La Sucrerie (formally Richmond) in Pointe-Saint-Charles are completed.The two-level apartments on the other side of Grand Trunk seem frail next to it.

Here's my previous post on this corner.

(image: google streetview)

Grand Trunk 2

Grand Trunk 3

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Before & After - Griffintown

(image above: google streetview)

Before & After of storage building on Ottawa and Shannon in Griffintown. One of the few not slated to be demolished.

Building facelift

The New Emerging Griffintown

New Griffintown

I took the above image from a billboard showing how Griffintown will look like once all the condo projects will be completed. As the photos below show, the new Griffintown is emerging all around. The artist rendition of the new Griffintown is interesting. Notice how all the cluster of new 20-storeys tall buildings do not fit-in with the surrounding area. The whole thing looks odd.

New Griffintown 1

New Griffintown 3
The deep construction pit for the new building on the corner of Peel and Wellington with the old facade.

New Griffintown 2
This new building is on the corner of De La Montagne and Ottawa. It stands next to the Horse Palace. On the left, the building where there used to be a garage and the galerie d'art Hovig is still standing.

Galerie d'art Hovig - Griffintown

Gallery 1

The inside of the galerie d'art Hovig on Rioux street in Griffintown. The galerie closed as the building is set to be demolished for new condo project. The demolition/construction is currently going on as of this writing and the last time I was there, the building housing the galerie was still standing, as you can see in the fourth photo. The building is on the right.

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Demolition Griffintown

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Gas station gone on Bannantyne - Verdun

Petro-canada Bannantyne

The Petro-Canada station on the corner of Bannantyne and 5th avenue in Verdun is gone and a condo project is currently being built there. This was the last of 4 gas stations that used to be there, as I noted last year: vanishing garages

The second to last photo shows the demolition crew and the last photo shows the standard Petro-Canada station that used to be there.

Petro Canada Bannantyne 2

Petro Canada Bannantyne

Petro Canada Bannantyne 1

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Ritz-Carlton expansion - Montréal

Ritz-Carlton 1

New addition being built in and around and on top of the old Ritz-Carlton hotel on Sherbrooke st..


Ritz-Carlton 2

Ritz-Carlton 3

Ritz-Carlton 4

(image: google streetview)

Le Château parking lot construction - Montréal

Le Château parking 1
Massive construction site going on at the parking lot behind Le Château apartments on Sherbrooke and De La Montagne. I was actually in the neighborhood just for a haircut when I noticed the tall crane and wondered what kind of construction was going on in that area. Fortunately, I had my camera and saw this. At first I had no idea what was going on: are they building new condos? Once home I researched the interwebs and only found one link that mentioned that they're building an underground parking lot for the stunning apartment building. Just look at that rock. It's amazing if they didn't shatter any windows.

Le Château parking 2
Le Château parking 3
Le Château parking 4

Old bus stop - Location?

Bus Stop
I was lurking about taking photos for my blog when I came across this old bus stop. I haven't seen one like this in ages. The bench inside is relatively recent so the STM knows about this old bus stop but decided not to change it. It's cool. Try to guess the location.