The New Emerging Griffintown

New Griffintown

I took the above image from a billboard showing how Griffintown will look like once all the condo projects will be completed. As the photos below show, the new Griffintown is emerging all around. The artist rendition of the new Griffintown is interesting. Notice how all the cluster of new 20-storeys tall buildings do not fit-in with the surrounding area. The whole thing looks odd.

New Griffintown 1

New Griffintown 3
The deep construction pit for the new building on the corner of Peel and Wellington with the old facade.

New Griffintown 2
This new building is on the corner of De La Montagne and Ottawa. It stands next to the Horse Palace. On the left, the building where there used to be a garage and the galerie d'art Hovig is still standing.

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