Ecole St-Bernardin - Saint-Michel

Ecole St-Bernadin 1

Something you don't see a lot these days: an abandoned school (in this case, an annex of the school) in a neighborhood far from the downtown area that hasn't been converted into condos. Schools were one of the first old structures that were converted into condominiums/lofts decades ago. When I came across this (quite by accident), my heart skipped a beat. Beautiful.

Ecole St-Bernadin 2

Ecole St-Bernadin 4

Ecole St-Bernadin 3


  1. Used to work next door on 2e Avenue at Cirque du Soleil. And this annex has been boarded up and left unused for as long as I can remember going around that neighbourhood. A pity, as the structure of the building seems to be in relatively good shape.

  2. what happened to that building??? why did it close??