New condos on Augustin Cantin - Pointe-St-Charles

Augustin-Cantin 2

New condo project on Augustin Cantin in Pointe-St-Charles. Yes, this is a new condo building.

I saw the start of the construction last summer but didn't take any photos. So I decided to go back and see how it was progressing. When I was there I had a difficult time finding the "new" condo because where the "new" condo should be there's this old looking thing in its place. And then I realized "Hey, this is the new condo project." Yikes. There are tons of ugly apartment buildings that look like this in the area but they were built in the 1980s!!! Pretty sad when the old garage that used to be there was less of an eyesore. Oh well...

(image above & below: google streetview)

Augustin-Cantin 1

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