Boarded up apartments on Acorn and Delinelle - Saint-Henri

Acorn 4

Couple of two storey buildings have been boarded up on Acorn and Delinelle streets in Saint-Henri. Last time I was there these apartments where not boarded up and people still lived there but the entire place was up for sale. I guess this is the result. There are (or were) 6 apartments in total there. When I was there last year and initially saw the empty lots around it (one of which was up for sale) I knew this place was doomed: you can see the empty lot on Delinelle street in the top two photos and the big empty lot (parking) on Acorn in the last photo. Empty space = condos.

As a side note, a condo complex was completed there last year on Delinelle, just on the other side of the street, as noted here. When I walked by there this past April, the new condo building was still 3/4s empty. Acorn is next to a train track.

Acorn 1

Acorn  2

Acorn  3


  1. Love, love, love the site. Would so much love it if you could embed google maps links within your descriptions cuz I usually give up trying to figure out exactly where these joints are.

  2. i love your site!! its depressing to see all those new condos.