Interior of old Methodist/Prosvita church - Verdun

Prosvita interior 1

I recently posted photos of the destruction of the Methodist church on Gordon street (here), which was a Prosvita center for the Ukrainian community. Maurice Prokaziuk saw the photos at my Flickr account (link), where I host my photos for this blog, and commented:

"So sad to see it go. My Dad was a member of Prosvita and unfortunatly they had to sell due to a declining and aging membership. I had my wedding reception there in 1976."

I asked Maurice if he had any photos of the interior and he told me his brother Michael Prokaziuk took some photos before it was demolished and sent them to me. Thanks so much to Maurice and Michael. These photos are priceless.

The church was still in good condition and with some retouching and renovations it could have looked spiffy. My favorite photo is the last one, with the pool table, big map and the framed portrait.

All photos by Michael Prokaziuk.

Prosvita interior 2

Prosvita interior 3

Prosvita interior 4

Prosvita interior 5

Prosvita interior 6

Prosvita interior 7

Prosvita interior 8

Prosvita interior 9

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