Old Movie filmed in Montreal circa 1967

I came across these photo from an old European-produced movie starring Brad Harris (left) and Tony Kendall (center).  It's called "Kommissar X - Drei blaue Panther" and was shot in 1967 in Montreal as it was released in March 1968 in Italy. The photos are amazing. In the top photo the Montreal skyline is so different. I can spot Place Ville Marie, the Chateau Champlain Hotel (now a Marriott hotel) and of course the Sun Life building, which looks somehow different. 

There are a few other building I know but there are a couple of them that I don't recognize. The building indicated with number 1 is totally unknown to me. It looks old and looks like it's supposed to be were the CIBC building is now. And then there's the building on the right, indicated with the number 2. Looks like an apartment building. I don't recognize it as well. It's beyond my time I guess. If anyone has any info on them, just write to me.

The photos below show how different the Montreal skyline looks different from a distance.


  1. The no. 1 building is the Laurentian Hotel, it was demolished in 1978.

    Building no. 2 is the back of the Queen's Hotel, which doesn't look as grand as the front did! LOL, I'm a bit obsessed with the Queen's Hotel, have been since I was a little kid. Unfortunately, by the time I was old enough to go visit it myself, it had been demolished.

  2. LOL, no worries. I have a "thing" for vanished Montreal hotels, I may have been born in the wrong era! It's too bad that these beautiful buildings are now gone.

  3. There was a pretty weird little Italian movie shot in Montreal around the time of the Olympics. Wasn't much of a movie but I recall they had a scene inside the Montreal Forum during a Canadiens game and had scenes in a house that appeared to be Summit Circle or something. Anybody know that one?

  4. The Laurentian was built in 1947-ish, and was on the south side of Dorchester.

    Check this set from the Pistard Archives for a nice view from the Queen E:


  5. Another movie was shot around 1976 in Montréal, “Shadows in an Empty Room” with Martin Landau, which featured a Bullittesque car chase that showed plenty of Montréal scenes, including a passing from above jump shot on the Hôtel-de-Ville street section with stairs.

  6. Does anyone know if I can get a copy of this movie? I was just out of high school and had traveled to Montreal for Expo 67 with my family. We had just checked into Le Chateau Champlain (back then, the most beautiful hotel I had ever seen) and they were filming a part of the movie in the restaurant. They came over to me and asked me if I would like to sit with 2 guys in the movie. What 17 yr. old wouldn't? I sat with 2 really cute guys at a table and we just talked while they were taping(if I remember, one was Doug Stanley.) They told me the name of the movie, but said it could change names many times before it hit the theaters. I never thought to Google it and someone suggested it to me last night and here it is..........now if anyone can tell me where to find a copy....it would be fun to see if this 17 yr old, tall,thin, long haired blonde,blue eyed, Southern girl made the cut!