Vacant land on Peel - Montréal

CN Bonaventure land 2

The land where the CN Bonaventure building (link) used to be, on Peel street, is still vacant. It's been well over 5 years now and still nothing. The land may have needed to be decontaminated but for this long?


CN Bonaventure land 1


  1. Le vide de ce terrain m'avait impressionné lors de mes dernières vacances à Montréal. J'espère qu'il sera au plus vite soit construit soit transformé en jardin.

    (The space of this ground had impressed me during my last holidays in Montreal. I hope that it will be as quickly as possible either built or transformed in garden)

    Bravo pour votre blog et toutes ces informations "urbaines" :-)

  2. This is where the Expos' stadium, Labatt Park, was supposed to be built, which would have also encompassed the land used for those condo tours you can see in the background of your photos. As far as I can recall, the land is owned by Cadillac Fairview, which also owns the Windsor Station, and is behind the re-development of that land, including around the Bell Centre.