Housing project renovations - Little Burgundy

Des Seigneurs housing
Renovation project going on in Little Burgundy on Des Seigneurs street. The houses around are outdated with 1970s siding and chintzy window frames and are definitely in need some updating. The updating looks good. The project seemed to have been stalled when I visited the area at the beginning of this summer. I'll go back there again to see the status of the renovations. I have no idea if these small attached houses will become condos.

Des Seigneurs Housing 2

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  1. The renovations are not yet finished. Back home, we have some similar buildings that are also in need of renovations, however they are offices. Those glass windows are better off with metal grills or a install some shutters to afford some privacy and safety. Our office were installed with vertical blinds in perth to afford us some privacy, aside from the fact that it is easy to clean.