Redfern condos - Westmount

Redfern 1

This office building on Redfern and Ste-Catherine in Westmount will be gutted and converted/transformed/retrofitted/redesigned into a new snazzy luxurious condo complex. Though a bit bland and uninspired the building itself is in pretty good condition (from the outside anyway) as seen in photo no 6. Reader's Digest offices used to be situated there before they moved them on Peel and Rene-Levesque.

I'm sorta ambivalent by this project. The current building is not an eye-sore and it's fine as it is and knowing that there are more deserving buildings out there that should be "disappeared" I don't see the need for the radical change BUT the new condo project is actually pretty cool and I actually can't wait to see it once it's finished. 

Redfern 2

Redfern 3

Redfern 4

Redfern 6

Redfern 5

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