Hillside condos - Westmount

Hillside 3

Just a few steps from the Redfern condo project (see next post), the new Hillside condominium building on Hillside avenue replaced another building that used to be vacant. It's just next to the Royal Canadian Engineers building, a beautiful old red brick structure which hopefully will remain intact. The old blue/grey building was, needless to say, quite ugly.

From August 2010 article:

"Originally the Caledonia Curling Club, the building most recently housed Giant Steps, a school for children with special needs, and is currently vacant."


(image above: google streetview)

Hillside 1

Hillside 2

(image above: google streetview)


  1. That lovely red brick Royal Engineers building, used to be a riding school and boarding stable which was built in 1911. I did a blog post on it last year (hope you don't mind me posting a link): http://www.sidesaddlegirl.co.uk/2010/09/mount-royal-riding-academy-and-club.html

    Just think, when that building was built, there were fields all around it to ride in. I would hate for them to knock it down.