Vanishing garages: on Bannantyne - Verdun

Petro Canada Bannantyne 1

There used to be 4 garages on the corner of 5th ave and Bannantyne in Verdun. Three of them are gone with condos/apartment buildings built there so it's not a big supposition that the Petro-Canada will also make way for another condo building. If you look at this Google streetview link, you can see the 3 new condo buildings and the last standing garage. It's the end of an era.

The 1977 David Cronenberg film RABID was shot in part in Verdun and you can see the garages briefly in it. I've added some screengrabs from that movie.

Petro Canada Bannantyne 2

Petro Canada Bannantyne 3

Screengrabs taken from RABID released in 1977. This is the corner of 5th ave and Bannantyne in Verdun where there used to be 4 garages.

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