Condos on Maria st - Saint-Henri

part of the changing face of Saint-Henri

Condo Maria 2

Huge Samcon condo project going on on Maria street in Saint-Henri. This area used to be in the middle of nowhere as it stands just next to some train tracks and some big empty space. Things changed certainly since they built the relatively new IGA. As you can see with this set of photos, I've been tracking this demolition/construction project for some time now.

I've created a new permanent blog page on all the action that's going on in Saint-Henri. 

Condo Maria 1

Condo Maria 3

Condo Maria 11

Condo Maria 10

Looking at Maria street from Augustin street. Above is after they demolished the building and below is when the structure was still standing.

Condo Maria 4

Condo Maria 9

Condo Maria 8


The Samcon condo project is fairly big. Almost an entire block. There's a huge project going on in the blue area, where the interogation point is. I have no idea what's going on there but it's a big piece of land and it has been recently worked on.

The images below show what it looked like on Maria street before the demolition. All the photos below are from Google streetview. The image above is from Google maps.

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