Les Jardins Westmount - Westmount

Jardins Westmount 1

Though not in Saint-Henri, the new condo project called Les Jardins Westmount is situated on St-Antoine Ouest, just at the edge of Saint-Henri and Westmount. This is a renovation/facelift as they'll add just a few floors and an addition on the side to it without major changes to the original structure, which is always good news.

Calling it Jardins is a bit of a stretch for a building right next to Ville-Marie Expressway and the super busy exit to Rosa de Lima. Anything to sell some condos I guess.

Jardins Westmount 2

Jardins Westmount 3

Jardins Westmount 4


  1. I attended school here in 1989. Dawson college - engineering technician programs and recreation leader programs. We flooded the school several times making concrete in our lab. Pipes would block and burst in the basement. Good times were had here at the Selby campus of Dawson.

  2. Looks like they are making office space. I was in Mechanical Engineering Technology program Manufacturing Option in the 1990's. Truly a sad day for Dawson students who attended Selby Campus. They should have renovated the building and kept under Dawson College name.