Before & After on St-Augustin - Saint-Henri

part of the changing face of Saint-Henri

St-Augustin 5

New condos were built on St-Augustin where old house were destroyed by fire a couple of years ago.

Of all the condo projects I've seen, and I've seen many, this is one of the best. It's just gorgeous. I saw it when they were unfinished (4th photo) and thought meh but when I went there again this past summer, with all of the finishing touches and I went wow.

This new project is close to the new massive Samcon condo project on Maria street, which won't be as cool as this one.

St-Augustin 6

St-Augustin 7

St-Augustin 4

St-Augustin 1

St-Augustin 2

St-Augustin 3

(image above: google streetview)

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