The Changing Face of Saint-Henri - Completed coverage

So this ends, for now, the massive changes going on in Saint-Henri. Whether it's a good thing or not well only time will tell. There are a couple of places I didn't include and might in the future. I also have to do updates on a few places, such as the new construction on Turcot st. I have such a huge backlog of photos and stuff that it's time to move on to new areas, neighborhoods, districts.

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Red dots are new projects, in progress or completed or announced; orange dots are abandoned, condemned or burned down buildings

01 - Turcot Interchange - to be demolished
02 - Multiple new condo projects on Philippe-Lalonde (part 1) - partially completed; still constructing
03 - New block-wide condo project on St-Ambroise (part 2) - completed
04 - Block-wide condo project on St-Ambroise (part 3) - completed
05 - Condemned building on Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Paul and rue Sainte-Marie
06 - Condemned building on Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Paul and rue Sainte-Clotilde
07 - Abandoned/renovated house on Bourassa and Turcot - recently renovated
08 - Condemned building on Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Paul
09 - Rundown former Molson Bank; the interior is apparently used as a storage place but the exterior is rundown
10 - Abandoned small house on Turcot
11 - Abandoned small house on Turcot; to be demolished for new condos - announced
12 - Loft St-Remi - to be demolished this winter
13 - Building on Walnut street that's completely gone
14 - Empty garage-type building on Walnut street
15 - Building on St-Remi street, just at the edge of Saint-Henri - to be demolished
16 - Empty, abandoned business on St-Ambroise
17 - Empty, abandoned garage on St-Ambroise
18 - New condo project on Butternut - completed
19 - Abandoned Canada Malt factory
20 - Small house demolished for new condo project on Delinelle and Sainte-Emilie - completed
21 - New condo project on Delinelle where there used to be an empty lot - completed
22 - Building on Therien, partially gutted by fire - incomplete
23 - Former location of Sainte-Elizabeth church, now a huge condo/apartment complex - completed
24 - Building destroyed by fire; new condo project built there; corner of Beaudoin and  St-Ambroise - in construction
25 - New condo building on St-Philippe; a garage used to be there - completed
26 - Fairly big condo building on Ste-Marguerite that replaced a garage- completed
27 - New condo project on St-Philippe; a small house used to be there - completed
28 - New condo building on Ste-Marguerite, built on empty lot next to small house - completed
29 - Abandoned apartment on the corner of St-Philippe and Ste-Emilie
30 - Abandoned and crumbling small house on St-Philippe - currently being demolished
31 - Abandoned dilapidated building on Louis-Cyr - demolished
32 - New construction on Ste-Marguerite that's been going on for some time - incomplete
33 - Two buildings ; one was recently sold while the other one, empty, is on the market
34 - Pizza restaurant demolished, replaced with condo project - in construction
35 - New building, shops and condos, on the corner of Notre Dame and Aquin/Ste-Marguerite - completed
36 - New building on the corner of Notre-Dame and Aquin/St-Philippe - almost completed
37 - Former beauty shop on the corner of St-Ferdinand and N.D. - to be demolished
38 - Big empty lot next to St-Ferdinand - unknown
39 - Burned grey stone house on the corner of Lacasse and St-Jacques
40 - Garage demolished for new condo project on the corner of St-Jacques and Ste-Marguerite - in construction
41 - Theatre Cartier - unspecified renovations going on right now
42 - Massive condo project on Maria st. - in construction
43 - New condo building replacing burned down small apartments on St-Augustin - completed
44 - New condo project to be built on empty lot on Avenue Laporte - announced
45 - Abandoned building on rue de Richelieu
46 - Destruction of building on Bourget; might be renovation - in progress
47 - Abandoned, empty building on Rosa de Lima; has been empty for some time now
48 - New project announced on St-Jacques where former Simpson warehouse used to be - announced
49 - Les Jardins Westmount; officially a Westmount project but next to Saint-Henri - announced for some time now
50 - New condo project; to be added

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