Old triplex + Horse Palace on Ottawa st - Griffintown

Ottawa street Old Triplex 2

This 19th-century triplex and the adjoining stables, called the Horse Palace, on Ottawa street in Griffintown were recently in the news because it's up for sale and its future is uncertain. The asking price for the triplex and yard/stables is $1 million, which almost seals its fate unless someone who's wealthy and loves Montreal history buys it and keeps it as it is.

As the 5th photo shows, it's been for sale since this summer when I took those photos so why it's making news now is a bit odd. Most likely because the owners are retiring to Nun's Island.  This section is the soul of Griffintown and if they demolish it they might as well demolish everything else in that district. As noted in the SCRAPPED text below "The Horse Palace has been a continuously functioning stable for 150 years."

I've been taking photos of this area for the past 6 or 7 years now and have TONS of photos of this specific house. I even took pictures at night with my 35mm camera (above and below), which are some of my favorite photos in my portfolio.

I've already reported on this and re-posting the photos with horses/ponies, which were taken in 2010.

Ottawa street Old Triplex 1

Horse Palace 1

Horse Palace 2

Horse Palace 3

Horse Palace 4

Horse Palace 5

Horse Palace 6

Horse Palace 7

Ottawa St 4

Ottawa St 5

Ottawa St 6

Ottawa St 7


  1. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I had a spare $1 000 000 to buy the Horse Palace and keep it as is. Next time it's a rollover here in England for the Euromillions lottery, which often goes up to £100 000 000 (yes you read correctly- ONE HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS which is about $200 000 000 CDN), I'm going to play. $1 00 000 CDN would not even make a dent in that amount of money.

    If I win the Euromillions, I'll buy it, turn it into a museum of Montreal and horse history, keep some horses in it for local kids to get hands on experience and for a bit of a taste for the countryside and to stick a BIG finger up to the developers.

    I love the Horse Palace so much and as a horseless kid growing up in the city, this place was like heaven when my mom used to take the trip down to Griffintown to visit it. I remember Mr. Leonard showing me around the stables and the horses and telling me it's history.

    Off to buy a ticket now...

  2. It's cool that you visited the Horse Palace when you were a kid. That place needs to stay. Cross your fingers re: that loto ticket ($200 million? wow!)

  3. That first photo kicks some nice ass. Well done.

    Also, the verification word for leaving a comment tonight is "dingsack". Just thought I'd leave that here for posterity.