Buildings next to Metropolitan Expressway - Saint-Michel

Building 1

The series of buildings next to the Metropolitan in Sain-Michel are some of the biggest eyesores in the city. Some of them are still in use while two of them are abandoned and possible major fire hazard. They've been like this for decades. The first building (above and below) looks like it's still occupied even though it's in disrepair. After that, it's the shiny looking Depotium. The two buildings after the self-stockage building are abandoned, with broken windows on each floor, easy access to inside. Quite amazing.

There's a message on the fourth building from the city granting the right to "transform" the building. It was made on 04-05-11. I guess no one has picked up the option.

These buildings are like the last examples of manufacturing era still standing and defiant to the current boom going all around. Once they're transformed/changed/demolished, I'll know only then that the city has entered a new era.

Building 2

Building 14

Building 3

Building 4

Building 5

Building 6

Building 7

Building 8

Building 12

Building 9

Building 11

Building 10

Building 13

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