Fire guts beautiful stone house - St-Henri

A fire gutted this beautiful house that was converted into a business in Saint-Henri, on rue Saint-Jacques and rue Lacasse. You can see how it looked like before the fire in the last photo taken from Google Maps.

I also included a small video clip of the destroyed stone building.


  1. Hey,

    Great blog! Someone mentioned the following on Facebook today:

    "Medley/Old Munich building on St-Denis and Rene-Levesque when I noticed it had a demolition sign on it "

    ...thought you might be interested!


  2. Thanks for the tip. I took some cool photos and will post them soon.

  3. Oh no!

    I used to live on Lacasse. That building was exceptionnal! This is sad.

    One has to know it's been struck by a fire the same year the Saint-Elisabeth-du-Portugal church and appartments in front of the Home Depot burnt down. It's a big loss for the neighbourhood.

    Saint-Henri is just too often struck by fires. Old buildings and lack of preventive restoration.