Demolition of church on Gordon st - Verdun

12:46 AM

Church on Gordon st - Before 1

This old church structure on Gordon street in Verdun was demolished this week; it started on Tuesday June 26. I've chronicled its destruction. The three top photos were taken this spring when the billboard and sales office for a new condo project were installed. It was originally a Methodist church when it was built in 1908 but changed denominations from time to time. The small church's last owner was the Prosvita Ukrainian Reading Society of Taras Shevchenko (wikipedia). While taking photos, people stopped by and chatted with me, expressing their shock with the destruction of the 100+ year old church. The church was renovated at one point with an addition to the facade. There was no fire, no hazards or anything to warrant its demolition.

This is not the first church to be demolished on Gordon street. The Verdun Community Church was also demolished several years ago for condos: link

No news or mention about this demolition in the media. 

Church on Gordon st - Before 2

Church on Gordon st - Before 3

Day 1 - Tuesday June 26

Church on Gordon st - Day 1 - 1

Church on Gordon st - Day 1 - 2

Day 2 -Wednesday June 27

Church on Gordon st - Day 2 - 1

Church on Gordon st - Day 2 - 2

Church on Gordon st - Day 2 - 3

Church on Gordon st - Day 2 - 4

Day 3 -Thursday June 28

Church on Gordon st - Day 3 - 1

Church on Gordon st - Day 3 - 2

Church on Gordon st - Day 3 - 3

Church on Gordon st - Day 3 - 4

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  1. Guillaume St-JeanJune 29, 2012 at 10:29 AM

    La photo ancienne représente la première église. La seconde église, construite en 1908 en bordure de celle présente sur la photo et qui est celle qui fut démolie est visible ici :

    Pour ce qui est de l'intérieur il n'était en rien magnifique. Seule la partie basse des arches du plafond était encore visible, le reste étant dissimulé sous un plafond suspendu.

  2. J'ai lu cet article au Messager de Verdun que j'ai trouvé mal écrit, confus.



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