Update: Alstom factory - Pointe-Saint-Charles

9:55 PM

A big chunk of the Alstom plant in Pointe-Saint-Charles is now gone. Here's a simple visual presentation.

Summer 2008 (35mm)

Alstom old 1

Summer 2009

A big fire gutted a huge section of the plant.

Alstom old after fire 4

Alstom old after fire 3
The big structure is completely gone. When I mean it's gone it's all gone. Only the section in the back remains

Winter 2013
Alstom demolished 1

Summer 2008
Alstom old 2

The red brick building in the foreground is still there today. It's simply not framed in the photo directly below.

Winter 2013
Alstom demolished 3

Summer 2008
Alstom old 3
The building on the left is totally gone as seen in the photo directly below

Winter 2013
Alstom demolished 2

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