The Dow Brewery

This big structure, just at the edge of downtown Montreal and Griffintown, has been abandoned and derelict since forever. I don't remember a time when it wasn't abandoned. Every day I would go to work and see that big empty rundown building and wondered when or what will they do with it. Well, this year, they've started renovations.

The two first photos were taken a couple years ago with 35mm camera + fujifilm. The other photos were taken with my digital camera. I just love the look of 35mm.

It's been derelict for so long that trees were growing on the shute and grass on the window ledge

The red building on the right is the former Lowney factory renovated into condos.

The Dow Brewery is finally going under reconstruction/renovation. The following 4 photos were taken during the summer of 2010.

Brand new windows.

No more tree growing on the shute

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