Altitude condominiums + O'Hara's pub

Altitude 1

The new Altitude condo complex is going up where yet another parking used to be. They also had to destroy the pizza restaurant and O'Hara's pub next to it for the latest in the many condominium projects going on in Montreal. Parking lots are an endangered species. The sales office for the Altitude condos is situated just a few steps away at the former Classy building (see the next post below).

The two top photos were taken with 35mm camera + fujifilm. The other photos are all digital. I love the first photo. It really came out good. 

Altitude 2

Altitude 3

Altitude 4

Altitude 6

Altitude 5
After & Before: the building that housed the pizza restaurant and O'Hara's pub was demolished to make way for the Altitude condo building project.

 images: google streeview